• Welcome to Branon Family Maple Orchards

    Welcome to Branon Family Maple Orchards

    Generations of Tradition

    Located in Fairfield and Bakersfield, Vermont, the Branon family is a 7th generation Vermont Maple Producers and Agricultural based family.

Vermont Maple Syrup Jugs

Try our delicious, organic, pure Vermont Maple Syrup. Kosher certified!

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Maple Barbecue & Grilling Sauce

One of our most popular products! Sweet and tangy sauce, very thick and rich with a blend of spices, a must for your barbecue!

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Gift Sets

Maple gift sets are perfect for any occasion!

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NEW products!

New Products!

Limited Edition Gift Set featuring a hand-made Vermont Maple Festival Syrup Pitcher and an old-fashioned Maple Brick with it's own mini grater!

We're Kosher Certified!

Recognized throughout the world, the KOF-K seal epitomizes the highest ethical standards of traditional kosher supervision, combined with an unsurpassed level of professionalism and customer service. It symbolizes universal acceptance...from producer to consumer, from manufacturer to marketer, from retailer to restaurant. Our Kosher Certified products include our Maple Syrup, Maple Sugar and Maple Cream.

Kosher Certified Maple