"Generations of Tradition"

In 1997 Tom and I, his sister Ann and Danny, a friend that was working with us at the time, were gathering sap in the woods. At that time, we were tapping about 8,000 on buckets and we had approximately 2,000 taps on a gravity pipeline system.

It was lunchtime and we stopped to grab a quick sandwich and talked about the family history of working with the team of horses gathering sap. Tom and Ann recalled having a little one-horse hitch with a sled and having so much fun with the horses. They were also recalling memories of working with their father and grandfather in the woods and sugarhouse.

We talked about a logo or a slogan for a sign at the sugarhouse or painting them on the gathering tubs that the horses drew through the woods. Something that when anyone read it they would get an idea about the family, and how for generations they have made Vermont Maple Syrup.

Every year we entered the team of horses in the Vermont Maple Festival Parade, which takes place here in Franklin County in the spring, we wanted to dress up the gathering tubs with something special. Well we bounced around several ideas. The word traditional or traditions was a must, and also generations.

After a few days, it was decided "Generations of Tradition" was founded. At night, after a day of gathering sap and milking cows, we got together and started to stencil and paint on the gathering tubs. It was fun and looked great! Other family members that made maple syrup on their farms wanted it painted on their gathering tubs too!

The parade was special that year with the Big Draft horses walking down the street pulling the gathering tubs carrying the kids. Something special was added and most people that know this big family of ours understood what the slogan stood for.

Anyway, that is how our slogan all came about. Four people working in the woods, loving what they were doing and thinking about how many others before them did the same thing. Making a simply beautiful, natural product - Pure Vermont Maple Syrup!