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Buy Vermont maple syrup from the Branon Family Maple Orchards’
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sizes and grades all made with our own organic maple syrup.

You can also enjoy our organic maple cream and maple granulated sugar.

Other products available are Maple jelly, Maple Barbeque and Grilling sauce and a new Maple Seasoning. Scroll down to choose the maple product of your choice!

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Vermont Organic Maple Syrup
5 - 40 ml bottles for $9.00

Organic, Pure Vermont Maple Syrup in Plastic Jugs
Gallon, $46
Half Gallon, $25
Quart, $17.50
Pint, $9.50
Half Pint, $6.25

Organic, Pure Vermont Maple Syrup in Glass Maple Leaf Bottles
750 ml, $18.00
500 ml, $15.00
250 ml, $9.50
100 ml, $5.50
50 ml, $3.50

Organic Maple Cream
Maple Cream is made from our pure Vermont Organic Maple Syrup. The syrup is cooked and cooled, then stirred to make this deliciously, sweet cream. It is great on donuts, toast, crackers or fruit.
Maple Cream
1/2 lb.
Maple Cream
1 lb.

Maple Seasoning
Maple seasoning is a combination of Maple sugar with garlic, onion, sea salt & black pepper. It is great to use on the table in stead of salt & pepper or as a meat rub it is delicious! On the grill even better, try it on steak, pork or hamburgers. Anything goes!
Maple Seasoning

Organic Maple Sugar
Maple granulated sugar is made from our Pure Vermont Organic Maple Syrup. The syrup is cooked to a high temperature and then stirred to change its consistency to a granulated sugar. It is fantastic to use in recipes, cereal, and coffee, or on French toast, pancakes, and anywhere you would like to have a bit of real maple.
Organic Maple Sugar

Maple Jelly
Maple jelly is made from our pure Vermont Organic Maple Syrup. You can taste the Maple, but it is not too sweet. It is great on toast, donuts or served on meat like ham or pork. Truly Yummy!
Maple Jelly
8 oz.

Maple Barbecue & Grilling Sauce
The Maple Barbecue sauce was a three year process to get it just right! The maple syrup along with garlic, onion and other seasonings gives it a little zip. Because of its thick consistency, it covers nicely and goes a long way. We use it for grilling, as well as a sandwich spread on hot and cold meats, and as a dip for chicken. It is also great in Chili!
Maple Barbecue Sauce
22 oz

Vermont Maple Festival Maple Cookbook

This is a new release of the Vermont Maple Festival's winning recipes. Enjoy fabulous recipes from the Blue Ribbon winners!
Official Vermont Maple Cookbook
New Edition

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